Albergo Diffuso Volterra comes from the past and believes in the future. Each our action is oriented to sustainability. We respect the environment and every form of living being, we promote and generate local economy, we support the local population, we protect the rural and cultural heritage of the city. Albergo Diffuso Volterra wants to be an example of sustainable development, for humans, for the Planet, for the future generations.

Sustainable Principle

The main objective of Albergo Diffuso Volterra is to create a model of hospitality and sustainable food, oriented to the future, good for man and the planet. We believe that through the principle of replacing resources, humanity can create everything it needs without causing problems to the planet. For us it is absolutely possible to live, work, do industry, travel, discover and have fun while preserving the ecosystem and our health.


We respect the environment and all forms of living being

Our restaurants are 100% Plant Based, with products that are as organic and biodynamic as possible selected on the small farms in the area. Our restaurants are “without damage”, in terms of animal exploitation and in terms of pollution due to intensive farming practices. For cleaning we use non-toxic products obtained without the use of animal derivatives. Laundry detergents, dishwashers, window cleaning, flooring, sanitary ware are all natural and environmentally sustainable.


We reduce consumption

We use electricity exclusively from renewable and Italian resources, we are certified by the Life Gate circuit. The lighting of the premises is entirely LED, does not contain gases harmful to health or toxic substances and there are no UV emissions harmful to humans. We carry out constant monitoring and constant tracking of consumption.


We reduce transport and waste

The Life Bistrot and Domus Lucumoni restaurants use beverage supply systems through dedicated plugs, water, wine and beer are supplied without waste of bottles. Food products are as short as possible. The “food by weight” lunch service system managed with smart cards allows customers to eat according to their appetite and avoid food waste. We reduce the use of plastic materials and every kind of product obtained from processes that use fossil resources.


We encourage natural tourism

We promote visits and experience in organic farms and wine companies that use natural and sustainable farming methods that improve the soil structure and increase the fertility of the earth. Through our experiences we build tours of one or more days with visits to vegetable gardens, orchards and wheat crops, tour in the Mediterranean on a sailing boat, in woods, olive groves, chestnut groves and in many natural places close to us.


We preserve history

Our hotel is an open-air museum. In 2001 we chose to start a private archaeological excavation campaign to bring to light the ancient history that appeared during the works. We had found an Etruscan road and an Etruscan well, a Roman pavement and a medieval pavement. At the end of the excavations we chose to install a transparent floor to preserve and allow everyone the sight of these assets. Today we are custodians of these very important findings. The Hotel, the Restaurants, the School, the homes and the apartments have been restored using mainly eco-compatible products and materials such as stones of local origin, plaster and natural paint.